Hello! My name is Sanghee Park (formally, Sanghui Park), also known as Alex4386!

My Experience

I am currently making games and libraries for programming at Team StarGarden.

I previously experienced server management and system administration at MintNetwork.


From the simple program, to entire Solution. I am trying to become a full-stack developer.

I started to learn programming with Visual Basic 6.0 when i was in 2nd grade in elementary school.

In 2019, I am a freshman in Gachon University Software Department.


ECMAScript 6+, TypeScript, C#, C++, PHP, Kotlin, Python

Game Programming

Currently, I am also working as Game Programmer in Team StarGarden

I am trying my best to provide players a best experience as possible.

Currently, I am working on Project Young_Rescue, which is a RPG that most players never experienced before.


Unreal Engine 4, Unity Engine, ECMAScript 6+, HTML, CSS3

System Administration

I am not only developing solutions, but I am the also the one who is maintaining my services,

For example, 줄여.kr which is the URL-shortener service that I created is being ran on my Linux Server powered on Amazon Web Services.

Maintaining Services and Maintained Services

Linux Servers, Jenkins (CI), Web Servers (apache, nginx), Git (Self-hosted GitLab), Ruby on Rails, Load-Balancing

Video Editing

I started to editing videos when I was 5th grade at the elementary school by learning Premiere Pro which my mother was using.

Since then, I watched online tutorials and my skills for editing videos improved.

I don't think myself as a professional editor, but I love to editing and giving a new life to video clips.

Programs that I use

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve

Artificial Intelligence

I am currently Research Assistant at Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Laboratory

I am trying to learn Machine Learning Basics and basic data analysis.

Stacks that I am currently working on

Tensorflow, Tensorflow Lite (Coral Dev Board), PyTorch